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traducción COOL en ingles, diccionario Espanol - Ingles, definición, consulte también 'cocol',col',corola',cogollo'. traducir cool: fresco, guay, sereno, refrescar(se), enfriar(se), guay, genial, fresco, tranquilo, calmado, sereno Traducción de "cool" - Diccionario Inglés-Español. Traducción de cool | it's cool outside. it's cool outside — hace / está fresco (a) fuera. Frases de ejemplo inglesas. Convection is the dissipation of heat when.

Inicio De inglés a español cool. Her style is different from anyone else I know, which made her totally cool in my book. They had great food, there was always a good environment, and they played cool music in the background.

¿Qué significa la palabra ‘cool’ en inglés?

It is a very cool collection of photographs from around New York. Still there was an end aim, a cool bar and cool free food and cool company. You could get a lot of cool free que es en ingles cool from the manufacturers.

I eventually went insane but I sure collected a lot of free cool stuff. I want to devote my thirties to having babies, minding them and being free from the constant pursuit of cool clothes. Certainly, as a corrective to some of the more po-faced excesses of cool London club culture, rave was a blast of fresh air, an important rupture.

Ingles Americano - Malas Palabras en Ingles 1 (Leccion 250)

One of the coolest bands of the s has survived to que es en ingles cool make cool music. It's still cool that we get free memberships and extra bandwidth and whatnot. It was a hot basement but a cool crowd, free wine, very nice shop, and really good discussion afterwards. You will win a really cool prize. A prize so cool, I can't even tell you what it is at risk of upsetting contestants who don't win.

On Waltz Across America, the band comes together for a very cool live collection of some of their biggest and best songs.

Across the road is the Turbine Hall, also a cool music venue. The music is cool, with decent people depending on the night and great bartenders. Be happy that you found someone cool to hang out with. There's just que es en ingles cool so cool about a band doing a free in-store performance.

It's an unpretentious medley of old and new - the perfect antidote to the self-consciously cool bars of Dublin. I've never been near here before, but the lights of Sydney look so cool at night.

I work hard at things to improve, but I also realize it takes time and I'm cool with that. If that's not your thing, that's cool by me, but know that it's encouraged and applauded in this community. No, que es en ingles cool cool; I don't mind talking about that. And that's cool if it's going to get you out and involved now, but stay involved after that.

In English, many things are named after a particular country — but have you ever wondered what those things are called in those countries? Many words formed by the addition of the suffix —ster are now obsolete - which ones are due a resurgence? As their que es en ingles cool names often attest, dogs are a truly international bunch.

Whether English is your first language, your second, or your nineteenth, you may have experienced trouble with all the words that end in -ough…. Usamos cookies para mejorar su experiencia en nuestro sitio web.

Este sitio web usa cookies que proporcionan publicidades dirigidas y dan seguimiento a su uso del sitio. Puede cambiar su ajuste de cookies en cualquier momento. Frases de ejemplo inglesas. Convection is the dissipation of heat when relatively cool air passes over exposed skin. The weather was cool enough to wear pants, but not yet cold enough for a jacket. Unseasonably cool weather also contributed to track records in four competition categories.

A pleasantly cool breeze was drifting in though the half-open window behind Maui.

Que Es En Ingles Cool (1)

He said putting the top of the can on his lips, enjoying the cool refreshing drink. The cool and refreshing water caressed his lips, he drank but as he swallowed, his throat sent searing pain to his brain. At such times, the tongue and the throat crave for nothing more than a long drink of fresh, cool water.

Light, comfortable, and cool clothing is a must for carnival in Jamaica. Glasses of blissfully cool water were brought forth and each gulped the refreshment down like a castaway. Leave until cool enough to handle, then peel them and cut into wedges.

The enemy were que es en ingles cool, and could easily fight in the sun in their surprisingly cool robes. Caroline was wearing a cool summer dress. However, up in the mountainous region like this also brought cold wind and cool temperature. It was the last day of October, a chilly afternoon with cool winds blowing in from the ocean.

I closed my eyes again and imagined myself in a cool, refreshing blue pool. Brian filled the glass with nice, cool, fresh beer. Keep the water cool because the body absorbs water at a cool temperature quicker than if very cold or hot. Debbie's having air con installed today at work so it should be a bit better over there, I'll just have to direct my fan on to the air con unit to keep it cool!

By the 27th, a strong cold front would be bringing strong winds and very cool temperatures. He then took off his glasses and started to bring the cool refreshing water up to his face. The air was cool against their skin, contrasting with the heat inside the passageway. We then went for a stroll through the village, and had a cool, refreshing drink in a bar, before going back to collect our bags for the night. Cool, cotton que es en ingles cool are a must in the heat and humidity, but cover up to visit palaces and temples.

"cool" en español

It was cool enough to be refreshing but not so cold that you froze. There was a cool breeze coming through the windows. Entraba una brisa fresca por las ventanas.

I wear cool dresses on hot summer days. Llevo vestidos frescos en los calurosos días de verano. A cool attitude is the key to problem solving. Una actitud serena es la clave para solucionar problemas.

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It was a cool day at work because my manager is on vacation. I want to paint my room a cool color, such as blue or green. Quiero pintar mi habitación de un color fresco, como azul o verde. She has been very cool toward me ever since she found out about my trip to Vegas. Ha sido muy fría conmigo desde que se enteró de mi viaje a Vegas.

10 palabras en inglés que NO EXISTEN en español! - Superholly

Did you see how cool Jaime's new car is? That is so cool! I wish I could have gone on that trip. That new restaurant is really cool! Yesterday I heard about a cool café downtown. We're going to Europe. Nos vamos a Europa.

English Sympathy and a cool head are, I believe, the two things which should guide our actions now.

Que Es En Ingles Cool (3)

English Because in these emotional times, we need some cool heads and clear information. English I would ask, therefore, that we keep a cool head despite our concern. English we had an argument last week and she's been very cool since. English They soak up water like a sponge and thereby cool the atmosphere. English Tempers therefore need to cool down so that voting can take place normally. English To finish off, I would like to say that the Finnish Presidency was coolcalm and collected.

English They shall not taste therein anything cool que es en ingles cool drink.

Muchos ejemplos de oraciones traducidas contienen “cool” – Diccionario español-inglés y buscador de traducciones en español. Muchos ejemplos de oraciones traducidas contienen “cool temperature” – Diccionario español-inglés y buscador de traducciones en español.

English A sample of the new, improved, or downright cool. English Yes, we need to keep a cool head, Mr Schulz, but we also need to choose which side we are on. English The hotheads here must cool down, particularly the Greens.

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