just wanna be with you (2022)


requested by anon <3 tysm lovely!! sorry this is suuuuper cheesy lol, i hope u like it!! also sorry if there are mistakes, i didn’t really edit it much >_<

prompt:“out of everyone on earth, why did my soulmate have to be you?”

*part of my 2 years with luna event!

word count: 1.9k

genre: fluff, high school au, soulmate au, maybe a little bit of angst? (mc has some ✨trust issues✨)

pairing: han jisung x gn reader

“y/n!!!!! happy birthday!!” a loud voice resonates through the cafeteria. you groan, wishing you could vanish from the face of the earth as all eyes turn to either you or the source of the yelling–a boy who you would really, really rather not be seeing right now. you tug on your sleeve to make sure your forearm is covered before you feel someone slide into the seat beside you, and you don’t even bother turning your head to see who it is. han jisung, your school’s resident funny popular boy who gets along with any and everyone.

everyone except you, that is. his class clown personality only irritates you; you’re sure it’s all just an act to get people to like him or something. plus, he must be the most annoying person on the entire planet. every time you just want to sit by yourself and read or scroll through social media, there’s jisung to interrupt you. in fact, even when you’re with your friends he finds a reason to approach you and try and draw your attention towards him. your friends say you’re just in denial of your real feelings towards him, and you find yourself mentally puking at the thought. okay, you think he’s maybe kinda cute (not that you’d ever admit that to anyone) but that’s just more of a reason to despise him, right??

it’s no secret to anyone that jisung has a huge crush on you; for over a year now he’s tried everything in the book to get you to go out with him. nevertheless, his advances are always shot down. minho’s tried to get you to at least give him a chance, but he’s long given up his efforts. see, no matter what anyone says, you know deep down inside that jisung’s just trying to embarrass you. the second you agree to a date, he’ll laugh in your face, or even worse–he’ll stand you up and the whole school will laugh at how pathetic you are for thinking someone like him would actually like someone like you.

sure, felix said that’s all crazy, and hyunjin called you delusional and overdramatic for thinking that, but what do they know! they aren’t the ones who have to deal with jisung’s endless pestering and teasing (hyunjin says it’s just flirting, but you aren’t so sure about that).

you just wanted to eat lunch alone in peace tucked away in the corner of the cafeteria, is that too much to ask? most of your friends are away on a class field trip today; normally you eat with jeongin when this happens since neither of you are in the same class as your friends but unfortunately, he’s at home sick today so you’re stuck eating alone. not that you mind all that much; it’s a good opportunity to catch up on schoolwork while you eat, and it can be refreshing to have a small break from the chaos of your friend group.

but today of all days, you really don’t want to see jisung. today’s your seventeenth birthday, which means at midnight last night, you experienced the wonderful and exciting moment when your soulmate’s name appeared inked onto your forearm. needless to say, shocked and disappointed hardly begin to describe how you felt when the name “han jisung” appeared on your skin. you honestly couldn’t believe it at first; maybe felix figured out some elaborate prank, but the more you rubbed at the black letters in an effort to make them disappear the more you realized han jisung really is your soulmate.

hearing jisung’s voice made you feel queasy with…nerves? dread? yeah, let’s go with dread, definitely not any other feelings. your palms feel clammy and heat rises to your cheeks when he slides in beside you, and you do your best to act natural when he comfortably slings an arm around your shoulders.

“so y/n, i know it’s your seventeenth birthday today…” jisung begins, voice oozing with that confidence you’ve come to hate. you finally turn your head to see him grinning at you expectantly, although his smile isn’t quite as wide as you thought it’d be.

“yep, it is indeed. now please go away,” you reply. you’re not going to give him what he’s looking for; for now you’ll just keep stalling until you can think of what to say–you know jisung won’t leave until he has an answer about your soulmate. you don’t want to lie to him, but you don’t think you’re quite ready for him to find out the truth just yet.

“…soooo you’re gonna show me my name on your wrist, right?” he asks, and..are you hearing right? is there a slight waver in his confidence? you try to read his facial expression for any falters in his normally strong front, but now you’re doubting yourself. you’re just hearing things, or maybe he’s just nervous you’ll finally find out he was pranking you all along.

“what makes you so sure it’s your name on my wrist?” you respond, quirking your eyebrows at him.

“just a feeling. i know you and i are meant to be, y/n,” he comments with a wink, and your eyes flick down to his exposed wrist to double-check he doesn’t know anything. you’re pretty sure he hasn’t had his birthday yet, and your thoughts are confirmed when you spy his bare skin, devoid of ink.

“well, maybe you’re wrong,” you mutter, turning back to your schoolwork. you don’t know how long you can keep this up for, especially not when jisung’s so close to you.

“then you gotta show me who it is at least, y/n. i’d rather you break my heart now than make me wait til my birthday,” he jokes, although now you’re sure there’s a more serious undertone to his words.

“no.” you reply. you’re starting to get annoyed with jisung’s persistence, why can’t he just leave you alone and wait for you to tell him when you’re ready?

“awe come on y/n, please?” he begs, leaning his head down onto the table so you can’t avoid his puppy dog stare.

“i said no, jisung, now i’d really appreciate it if you left me alone.”

“i promise i will if you just-” jisung reaches to gently tug at your sleeve, and you snap.

“ugh, out of everyone on earth, why did my soulmate have to be you?” you mumble as you pull your arm away from his grip. you freeze as the realization hits you–you just told jisung the very thing you were trying so hard to keep from him. jisung looks equally as shocked as your eyes dart to his for a split second before you hastily grab your things and walk away from the table, leaving a speechless jisung behind you.

you walk out into the hallway where a few students stand or sit, hanging out comfortably as they wait for class to start again. there’s a spot near the music hall you know you can probably hide from jisung for the rest of lunch, and then you’ll just try your best to avoid him at least for the rest of the day. that might be hard, seeing as he sits right behind you in your english class, but maybe you can just skip-

“y/n!! there you are, wow you walk fast,” jisung says as he catches up to you. there aren’t too many students in this section of the hallway, which you’re grateful for–you can feel your eyes starting to well up with tears as you anticipate the embarrassment you’re about to experience.

“jisung, i’m really not in the mood,” you mutter, your voice cracking a little as you avoid eye contact.

“why’d you run away? hey, are you okay?” he asks. his voice is soft and sincere, which surprises you–you didn’t think he was capable of such emotions.

“no, jisung, i’m not okay. you’re my soulmate which really sucks because i know you don’t even like me like that and you’re just trying to mess with my feelings and-”

“woah woah, i’m sorry, what???? why would you think i don’t like you?” jisung asks. he stops walking, prompting you to stop as well, now a couple of steps in front of him.

“i-i don’t know, you’re just always so goofy and joking around, i just assumed you were playing a prank on me or something,” you explain. you stare at your shoes, too afraid to look at jisung right now. he steps forward, tentatively lifting a hand to your chin and raising your head so you’ll look at him.

“y/n, i’m telling you now, i really, really like you. like, probably too much. why do you think i haven’t dated anyone else this whole time?”


“i’m sorry for coming off that way; to be honest, i couldn’t really handle the idea that you didn’t like me back, or that your soulmate might be someone else, so i just tried to play it off. honestly, when i came to talk to you today, i really wasn’t expecting to actually be your soulmate. i thought you’d say some other name, and i’d laugh it off and pretend i wasn’t heartbroken, so when you said i’m your soulmate, i didn’t even know how to react,” jisung explains.

“yeah, i don’t think i’ve ever seen you so quiet,” you joke, a tsunami of relief washing over you. you smile gently, your nerves and embarrassment washed away only to be replaced with a new, unfamiliar emotion. well, you shouldn’t say unfamiliar–you’ve felt twinges of it before, like when jisung lent you a calculator for a test or helped you up when you tripped in the hallway, but you always shoved those feelings down, not wanting them to grow into anything dangerous. but now, you suppose, you can let them flourish as you come to terms with the fact jisung genuinely does have feelings for you. it’s sort of weird seeing him flustered and embarrassed, but you think it’s cute.

the bell rings suddenly, signifying the end of lunch; just minutes before, lunch couldn’t be over soon enough, but now you find yourself wishing it could go on longer so you could talk to jisung more. how are you supposed to focus on class after all of this? your thoughts are interrupted as you feel jisung’s arm slip through yours as he gently guides you to start walking to class.

“so do your friends know yet?” jisung asks as you weave through the sea of students. the two of you get more than a few stares on your way to class; you are linking arms with the han jisung, of course, and you’re not trying to shove him away for once.

“only jeongin, and i made him swear not to tell the others. i didn’t wanna deal with all of them just yet,” you admit. “ugh, they’re never gonna let me live this down,” you groan, leaning your head onto jisung’s shoulder, and he thinks he might explode at how cute you are.

“but it’ll be worth it, because you have me!” jisung says. “we can handle a little teasing, right?”

“yeah…you’re right,” you reply with a soft smile. it’s starting to sink in that wow, you’ve actually found your soulmate, the person you’re destined to spend the rest of your life with, and your stomach bubbles with excitement as you finally feel at peace with jisung by your side.

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