How To Ask A Girl To Hook Up Over Text: 9 Example Messages (2022)

How To Ask A Girl To Hook Up Over Text: 9 Example Messages (1)

“Would you hook up with me?”

Imagine reading this text on your phone. What is the first thing pop into your mind? Besides feeling great that you have a hook-up for the night.

You can bet if you ask a girl to hookup over text in this way, she would freeze and think you’re desperate… Andgirls don’t like desperate men.

This kind of text is too weak, it screams insecurity and puts the girls under pressure. But there are ways to ask a girl to hook up over text without turning her off by being needy or douchey.

Before giving you some examples of text, let’s see the common signs a girl wants to hook up with you.

How To Tell If A Girl Wants To Hook Up Over Text?

How To Ask A Girl To Hook Up Over Text: 9 Example Messages (2)

Most girls don’t like to make the first move, and this Ask Men’s article explains in detail the psychological reasons.

So you’ve to make the first move, and it’s important to know when should go for it.

We already explained the common signs of a girl that wants just to hook up in everyday life situations. But today we’ll narrow down to the hints over text:

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  • She is texting you more often – How often do you guys talk? If she’s communicating more than usual, she might want to get fucked by you.
  • Late at night – Booty calls don’t happen at night for anything. When you mostly chat at night, chances are she wants to hook up and is considering you.
  • She just wants to “hang out” – She never makes clear plans to go out. It’s cause she doesn’t want to go on an actual date and would prefer to do something at home – that is sex.
  • She talks about her sex life a lot – It’s a hint that she wants to do it and is giving you the green light to make a move.

Now that you know the basics to figure out if she is up for it, below you’ll find 9 text message examples to ask her to hook up.

The best part is that you can also use these texts for messaging on the few hookup sites and apps that we know work.

9 Text Message Examples to Ask a Girl to Hook Up

1. I Want Some Time Alone With You…

We all know what alone time really means. And if she’s been sending you the signals, then she’ll be glad to get time with you.

The appeal: It doesn’t matter that you both know it’s only for sex because texting this will make you sound sweet and interested in her.

Girls, on the whole, want to feel attractive. And when you let them know it in any way, it’ll make them feel good and not just some easy hole to fuck.

2. Hey, Are You Up To Watch Netflix Tonight With Me?

Although this message indirectly lets her know that you want to hook up, it offers a safe way out for her to say no. That way you won’t burn any bridges.

It’s the best way how to ask a girl to hook up, especially over Tinder and Snap. But hey, there are other ways to approach girls on Tinder…

Yet, Tinder isn’t the only hookup app around where this text message works wonders. Check out our hook up sites and apps review to see which one fit best your needs.

The appeal: If she isn’t ready to hook up with you, she can say no without making it awkward.

3. What Are You Doing Tonight?

The follow up to this question should reflect your personality. If you want to be flirty and polite, add, “how about we spend time together?”

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But if you want to be upfront and naughty, something like, “how about me?” is perfect.

The appeal: You give her importance when you include her with the planning. In effect, you’ll show that you value what she has to say.

In turn, your attractiveness to her will increase, and she’ll want to fuck you.

4. Are You Up For Some Fun?

This is another classic question that seems innocent but is actually a hook up message. For the most part, it works well cause it’s playful yet still truthful about your intentions.

It works particularly well on adult dating sites where people are sincere about their intentions: to have sex.

The appeal: The emphasis here is on the word fun and that everything’s just for pleasure.

You essentially tell her that she’ll have fun with you while at the same time being obvious that you’re meeting up for sex.

5. I’m Not Looking For Something Serious Now, But We Could Have Fun.

If you think the girl you’re texting with is looking for a serious relationship, this message keeps an open option for the future.

This text message is also effective to start a friend with benefits relationship. You’re basically saying: “I like you for the sex but at the moment I don’t want any drama. Who knows what the future hold for us.”

The appeal: With this line, you promise her nothing but the possibility of something more.

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And if a girl likes you, she’ll give in because scared to lose you while hoping in the main time to convince you for more.

6. I Know It’s Late, But Do You Want To Hang Out?

In this situation, a girl knows that “hang out” in this context is as good as “have sex” or “hook up.”

It’s a decent method to invite her for a booty call since it’s straightforward about sex yet is respectful to the receiver.

The appeal: When you address that it’s already late, it shows your partner that you’re giving her control over the meet up.

Plus, the fact that you want to see her despite the time expresses how much you’re into her.

7. You’ve Been On My Mind All Week. Want To Come Over?

The text can end romantically with “I can’t wait to see you.” or be wild with, “I’m dying to fuck you.”

Now, this technique is about raising someone’s ego. You have to prove that you can’t get enough of them and win them over.

The appeal: The focus is on telling her how horny she makes you. She’ll love it and enjoy the attention. It’s also one of the easiest ways on how to ask a girl to hook up over tinder.

8. I’d Love To See You Right Now.

“See” can be replaced with “Fuck” or “Have” if you’re the aggressive type.

Regardless of which style you choose, the urgency that “right now” applies will undoubtedly make her happy to fuck. It’s cause this says that you want her so much.

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The appeal: Being badly wanted by someone has a charm that’s hard to deny.

All that’s needed is to tell them how strongly you desire them. It’ll fuel their confidence and make them willing to hook up with you.

9. Want To Come Over? I Have Food.

Food” can be changed to whatever food your hook up partner likes.

Due to the text’s familiar attitude, this hook up text is highly recommended for girls you know a bit or have slept with.

Aside from that, this tactic presents a complete package of satisfaction since you’ll provide food and sex.

The appeal: Most ladies tend to have a weakness for food and like considerate men. As a result, if you combine these two, you’re bound for numerous successful hookups.

Hook Up With A Girl Over Text Is Easy

When you can recognize the signs that she wants to sleep with you and you send her one of the above text examples, you’ll hook up easily.

Most of the above text messages are direct and to the point. So if she is horny for you, she’ll accept your offer without a doubt. And in the case she refuses, it isn’t a big deal.

The good thing about asking a girl to hook up over text is you avoid awkward situations. Insteadasking a girl for a hookup in person is much harder to do because you’ve no place to hide if she rejects your offer.

So don’t hesitate, and ask her to hook up.

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How do you ask a girl to hook up on chat? ›

You can also start by asking her what she's looking for. Try something along the lines of: “I've been having a lot of fun and I'm just wondering what you're looking for out of this.” Let her know that you don't need an answer immediately, but that you'd like to talk about it before this goes too far.

How do you ask someone to hook up on text? ›

These are some things you could text him so that he understands exactly what you want:
  1. "Want to come over and hookup?" It's precise and succinct and gets your message across.
  2. "I want to kiss you right now. Come over." ...
  3. "Netflix & Chill?" ...
  4. "Remember when we did X? ...
  5. "Let's fuck."
Oct 3, 2017

What can I text to seduce a girl? ›

Send Her These 7 Texts To Build Sexual Tension - YouTube

How do I start a hookup? ›


How do I get her hooked? ›

How to Keep Her HOOKED (the easy way) - YouTube

What are examples of seducing? ›

When you entice someone to go out on a date with you and to have intercourse with you, this is an example of seduce. When easy money tempts you to do something wrong, this is an example of a situation where the promise of easy money seduced you.

How do you ask a girl to come over? ›

Hinge the ask on something to do with her interests.

Tell her you just bought a new game and would love to come over and play it with her. Bringing up something you know she's into will probably increase the likelihood of her saying yes, and it will make you feel more comfortable asking.

How do you ask a girl out through text examples? ›

Here are a few text ideas to get you started and keep you going along the way.
  1. Hello gorgeous! ...
  2. You've been on my mind a lot today, and I wanted you to know that I'm so glad you're a part of my life.
  3. I hope you know just how much you mean to me.
  4. I know we just saw each other earlier, but I can't wait to see you again.
Jun 21, 2022

How do you ask a girl to hook up on tinder? ›

Be honest and upfront. Ask her what she is looking for on tinder and then tell her what your intentions are. It's tinder, I'm sure she's used to these types of questions. Most guys on tinder are only looking for hookups.


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