Bodybuilding Captions for Instagram with Quotes - What Caption? (2022)

Bodybuilding is a popular sport, not only for men as some thinks, but women also make up a significant number of participants. It is a sport that is growing in popularity both in and out of sports. It is also a very diverse sport, with different weight classes and abilities to compete in it, which makes it great for those who want to pursue it as a career (yeah, some people do). It is also one that people pursue for a number of reasons. Some people compete to build muscle mass, but some compete simply for the fun of it. Regardless of your reason, bodybuilding is great for your health, and it is a great hobby.

It’s no secret that people love to share and talk about their experiences on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But what do you do when you want to share your own experience and you can’t think of any captions for your photo or your activity? Why not scroll up this page and go through the amazing bodybuilding captions for Instagram we have for you. Enjoy.

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You never want to be too big to hug your friends, but alas, you also want to be as fit as you can be. #bodybuilding.

You gotta give it to get it’ 💪👊 #bodybuilding.

Gym time is the best time for me. #legday

Grow your middle, grow stronger. Grow your mind, grow bolder.

Muscle. Strength. Pride. You’re never too old to lift.

Feel the burn 🔥 and feel stronger every day. 👊💪

It is about the hard work, the sweat and the passion. It’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon. #bodybuilding.

Pump yourself up, not just your muscles. #bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding is the best sport ever invented! #Bodybuilding.

Work out more, burn more, eat less, get shredded more!

Working out has given me a hobby, a craft of sculpting my body to its best form. It’s the art of redefining the human body.

I always feel energize and happy after a good workout.

Bodybuilding started as a hobby and now I’m reaping the benefits. It’s all about having a healthy diet and a good workout.

Taking a break from the stress of the day with a great workout always makes me feel grateful and refreshed.

Transform your body with #bodybuilding.

Getting in shape and staying in shape is the greatest feeling I have ever had. ♨O🍪

You gotta be willing to push yourself beyond what you’re comfortable with in order to achieve greatness. #Bodybuilding.

Fitness is my lifestyle. Fitness is a crucial part of everyday life that helps me chase my dreams and goals. #bodybuildinglifestyle

Everyone knows that no matter how fit you think you are, there’s always room for improvement. Whether it’s training harder (literally pushing yourself), eating better.

Soreness. Recovery sleep. Fresh ink on your skin. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle. That’s why we live and breathe the sport…day in and day out.

For all the ladies on the pursuit to gain muscle 💪 I heart you all.

There’s is nothing more satisfying than this feeling when you’ve finished working out. 💪🏼

An ode to biceps of steel and muscles rippling with veins. Let’s focus on what we can do for the body. #bodybuilding.

Going to the gym and stuff #gymlife

Body building is never easy…but seeing the results of your hard work sure is satisfying. 🔥

Gaining muscle and lowering your body fat helps you look good. Shredded progress💪🏻

Bodybuilding is like that awesome friend who encourages you, deflates your ego when it’s too puffed up, and pushes you to be better.

Build a body you can be proud of. #workout.

It’s all about that pump. Stack up that muscle. 💪🏼

This is why I love bodybuilding. It gives me the feeling of success and accomplishment.

I love this feeling I get the day after a good workout. I feel like Superman or something it’s like I can do anything, push through any obstacle, be stronger physically and mentally.

Be more than human but train like an animal. #bodybuilding.

One of the little ways to love yourself is by building that body. #Bodybuildingfamily #ThisIsWhyIBelieveInBodyBuilding.

LIFT, LEAN, PUSH and PULL. #bblife

Tired is your last excuse to not get fit. Make today the day that you commit to living a healthier lifestyle.

Listen to your body and what it’s saying. #bodybuilding.

It’s all about muscle 💪 #bodybuilding.

Getting prepped for the #bodybuildingworld #championship soon, but till then let’s get that pump going 💪 #fitness.

Sculpt a summer body that carries into the fall.

I’ve got muscles of steel, yet you’ll find my heart is a treasure. 🔥 #bodybuilding.

I train for the health of it. To be fit and healthy. #gymlife.

Muscles: they’re not just for bodybuilders. Our men’s multivitamin is made with premium vitamins and minerals.

I’m not the strongest, smartest or bravest. But I will be one day. #bodybuilding.

We aim to build stuff that lasts. Be it a body or something else. There will always be one thing in common: build things that last.

Work hard and never give up #workout.

When you’re truly living your best life, the secret is in the strength and vitality of your body. #Bodybuilding.

I don’t train because I hate running. I don’t diet because I am hungry. I bodybuild for the love of it. #bodybuilding #lovethelife #mybestyear.

This is why I love bodybuilding. You have to find meaning through pain—to joy, victory, and the thrill of discovering your true personal power.

You’re the reason I push my limits. You’re the reason I’m strong. You’re the reason I feel unstoppable. #bodyfitness.

Too many people are concerned with what they look like and not whether they can kick someone’s face in.

Feeling better, stronger, and more confident in my body is way more important to me than some number on a scale. I enjoy feeling strong where even when my clothes no longer fit

When you just want to feel the burn. #NoPainNoGain.

Do it for the gaining, not the pain. Monumental strength is made, not born.

Challenge yourself, reach beyond your comfort zone, and see what you’re made of with body building.

Let’s build something great together. #BodyBuildingMadeMe.

Can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend than working out and visiting the gym back to back.

Lift Heavy. Eat Clean. Feel Good. Repeat.

My muscles are my ultimate accessory. #lifeofabodybuilder.

There’s a reason I’m stronger than everyone else in the gym. And it’s not just because I work harder. It’s because I started out as a beginner and didn’t stop until I was an elite lifter.

Feeling good is just the beginning, it’s your job to find new ways to keep feeling good every day 😊. Keep up the good work. #buildingbody.

Bodybuilding is more than a sport, it’s my life and my passion. I love everything about the discipline and the routine. I love having a goal to work towards and meeting that goal. And I love this amazing feeling of accomplishment when i achieve after working out.

When you dream big, work hard and train smart every day, you can accomplish anything. Bulking up to the next level isn’t easy, but it is simple.

This is why I love Body building because it is not just a sport but meditation and art #muscles.

Challenge the impossible #bodybuilding #fitfam #natty #uplifting.

“Lift yourself up in a positive way. -Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I don’t want to be a bodybuilder, I just enjoy being the strongest person I know.

Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder. They think it’s easy but it’s not. You just have to love it. #bodybuilding #bodybuilders #workout.

I light lift. I eat clean. I crash hard. And I get it done 💪🏼 #gymlife.

My body is a canvas and sweat is my paint. #workout.

I train to be the best so I can beat my body and not the rest. #bodybuilding.

Gym life is my hobby 😍

There’s never enough time to workout but I’m taking it anyway! That’s what weekends are for.

Hard work is the key to success—and it looks like fun too!

We all train for different reasons. All I know is that it’s how I beat stress, find inspiration and set myself up to win.

The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle #BodyBuilding.

Gain new muscles instead of weight, hit the gym today. 💪🏼

Everyday is a great day to #livewithmuscles

Just finished a good workout and feeling great already.

If you ask me what I do in my free time, I would say without even frowning that I train from yoga to body building. It’s just my hobby which doesn’t deserve a fuss.

Love being back in the gym. Looking forward to strong #bodybuilding results this year!

Working on my physique makes me feel great and inspired about myself. I love seeing each little muscle pop out under my skin when I flex without a shirt, especially my biceps and pecs.

Strong is the new attraction. Empowered is the new beautiful. And fitness is my passion. #workout.

My big strength secret is no secret. Use a heavy weight and do fewer reps. 😎

It’s time for a big summer push 💪🏼 #IntenseTraining #GymLife #gymlife #immortallifefitness #athlete.

I’m a bodybuilder, and it’s my favorite hobby besides spending time with my family.

It’s not a hobby. It’s a lifestyle. Stick to it, and you will enjoying the feeling of your hard work paying off.

I love the feeling of pushing my body to its limits and accomplishing something that I wasn’t sure I could do.

Working out is as easy as eating and sleeping, just when it comes to exercise you have to make it a daily priority.

It’s time to test your strength! I am sure you can do that! Hit the gym today.

Can’t wait to see my close buds at the gym tomorrow. #THISISMYHOBBY.

I love building my body. I can eat almost everything without worrying about gaining weight because of my work out routine. #gymislife.

Heyyyyy, I live for the process. Every rep, every set, every day. It’s what keeps me going. #bodybuilding #theprocess.

I am always motivated to go to the gym and hit those weights hard. I love my muscular and toned body after a strenuous workout.

My daily routine: the gym, in bed, Home 🏋🏼‍♂️

Body building is my hobby, that’s why I’m here at the gym. You will not find me complaining about doing yet another set or run. I enjoy it and I am addicted to it. Body building is awesome!

Bodybuilding is my hobby and I really enjoy my time in the gym.

Now this is my kind of hot yoga. #bodybuildingisahobby.

Bodybuilding is my hobby. You should see my biceps.

Bodybuilding is my hobby and I have been inspired by my friend to start doing bodybuilding and I hope to inspire you too.

Strength Training has changed my life for the better #bodybuildinglife.

A good workout is a great gift for yourself— your mindset, your mind, and your body, try ir today.

I am a bodybuilding lover and I love the muscles.

Disciplined eating and training is just part of the routine needed to get your body built to perfection. Trust me it works.

There is always that one guy who lifts way more than he should be. Lift smart and with someone else, you won’t regret it.

I put the grind before the shine. I always make time to work out and eat right!

Feeling confident and healthy is the BEST. You can do anything, look great, AND feel good while doing it. #bodybuildinglife.

For me it’s never about where you start. It’s where you finish. #bodybuildinglife.

BOOM! The ultimate guide to seeing double 🙏 #bodybuilding.

Watching my body grow stronger and more at ease in its skin is such a confidence boost. #Ilovebodybuilding.

The body is capable of extraordinary things, don’t stop until you get there. 💪 #Ilovebodybuilding.

Bodybuilding is my hobby. Bodybuilding is great. If I can do it, so can you.

Bodybuilding come in the form of a hobby that helps you draw strength at any point of time in your life.

Happiness is like muscles. I just had to work it out 😎 ! #bodybuilding #workout #fitnessgoals……

Getting up at 5 am to work out is my morning habit. #stayfit #workout #workoutmotivation #exercise

How does bodybuilding make me feel? Strong.

The best way to feel and look your best isn’t a secret – it’s consistency. The key is to choose quality over quantity when it comes to both training and nutrition. -Derek Lewis #workoutmotivation

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